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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 1, 2013 5:29 PM Flag

    Not often do you get handed a sell signal

    I would not touch this one until it trades back under $5 and then they would have to show me something with at-13387. Tomorrow all the margin calls come in. I believe this is the worst board I have ever posted too. You were all so busy attacking me to understand the ramifications. I handed you the best opportunity to hang onto profits, how did you reward that, by calling me names. You deserved to take it hard. i have zero pity for the manner in which you handled my posts.

    The only way you can judge biotechs, is by the information in changes to the trials. If early they increase participation is a good sign, in the middle they are having problems. Well it only cost you 15%.

    My list of nitwits:

    and the one that kept telling me he would kick my butt

    You all thought I was a basher. Bashers do not know what they are talking about.

    I still have my short position. I actually would not have shorted it, if it was for all the nonsense. But when I see a board that is 100% against me, I know it's going down. Now hope that dacogen generic doesn't get announced. You think today was bad.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • So you make investment decisions based on what you see on a message board, do you? That's smart.

      For the record, I never said the stock would not have a pullback. Frankly I expected something much earlier than today and was encouraged by the failure to backtrace. But I still believe the long term story is intact and I am not a trader for a couple of dollars. Take your short term profits and enjoy them. I am certain you will see some short term losses to offset them as well.

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      • Jelly,

        You are like a drunk driver all over the road. Those couple of dollars you mention, maybe you need to look at the big picture. Yesterday $81M in small profits were lost.

        Encouraged by the failure to backtrace. Really. You think we found a bottom that quickly. So the company is worth half a billion+. If you expected something much earlier than today on a pullback, do you now think it was wreckless to post that it was headed to $9.

        Seriousily be carefull of these pumpettes.

        Sentiment: Sell

    • I just think your posts are baseless and self shorts always are. Sorry that you think of violence...I meant the market would kick your bucket...just money.

    • Bucket, I was the one that told you it was a good buying opportunity to buy today. I predict astx will go up tomorrow. The market cap does not reflect fair value imo.
      CONGREVE MILES STUART [GB] (+9) Applicant:
      (+9) Publication info:
      HRP20130256 (T1)
      2013-04-30 Priority date:

      You see Bucket, this recent patent (see above) is valuable.

      An Hsp90 inhibitor is a substance that inhibits that activity of the Hsp90 heat shock protein. Since Hsp90 stabilizes a variety of proteins required for survival of cancer cells, these substances may have therapeutic benefit in the treatment of various types of malignancies.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Well I'll consider your fine advice. But please read this carefully about what they stated on at-13387. They will need convincing evidence that the drug down regulates for them to proceed to the ph2B. They choose their words very carefully.

        I believe you have seen the highs for a while. I would not be eager to buy it, just because it looks cheaper. It should never have got as high as $6.90. Pumpettes always pay a price for their greed.

        Sentiment: Sell