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  • michaelplongo michaelplongo May 2, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    SP down over fear of generic dacogen, but

    if we don't see one in the next few days, probably won't be really soon. Edelweiss put out a research report which didn't show any generic dacogen revenues anticipated for Dr Reddy's lab until 2H/2014. I know Dr. Reddy''s applied for a patent for Preparation of decitabine US 20120046457 A1, but I am not sure of the status. Drug Patent Watch does not list it. It does list six Master Drug Files for Decitabine at this time, however, since I don't subscribe I don't know status.

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    • I think it has more to do with that sgi-110 will not be going after first line. For two years all you had was dacogen revenues and that value was maybe $2 a share. Here is the RBC questions on sgi-110:

      RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Research Division
      Okay. And then a follow-up then is, you're seeing -- you've seen prior response to, obviously, in Phase I and you're going to be looking at this across your Phase II indications. When you look across the landscape, in your experience, how much does response rate correlate with survival, in both relapsed/refractory AML and MDS in frontline settings? You guys obviously spent a lot of years looking at all this and have worked on these drugs. So what can you say that help gives confidence that response rates we're going to see is going to be driving survival?

      James S. J. Manuso - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
      Well, I mean -- it certainly is not only response rate, I have to say that, we would also would like to look at the duration of response which is the quality of those responses. The literature has been mixed on the first -- I mean, I can already exclude the second line MDS. There is very little literature, almost none, on second line MDS. And I think that indication should correlate well with survival, even with stable disease only, because -- or hematological improvement, the reason for that, I say that, is that, basically, after failure of Dacogen and Vidaza, there is no other treatment that is being used. There's not even a treatment that is effective, or had been reported to be effective, in second line setting, even as an off-label use. So I think we're pretty confident that if we're seeing any stabilization of the disease and hematological improvement in the second line setting that would be a good indication and, hopefully, would translate into survival, since these patients, on average, the median survival in the second line MDS, after failure, is just about 5 months, so very short. So that's kind of -- on