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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 3, 2013 8:05 AM Flag


    This is a good topic, because there's a lot of that going on. What are the odds that the same few individuals posting last night at 5PM ET, all woke up at the same time this morning answering each others posts. Must be some nervous energy going on.

    It's very obvious that the pumpettes, must have snychronized their watches last night. So they could reiterate the pumps together. This is a very dangerous board and do not trust them.

    Weightbayou,way2hot2handle,michaelplongo can you share the brand of watch that you all have. It seems to be very reliable. These kind of gimics do not work and actually undermine all crediability. Anyone on the fence has to be asking themselves, who do I trust?

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    • hmm well we all lol making this stuff up to pump...i personally on here now to discredit you and only that ... since yahoo will not let us put in a website address why dont all viewers of this post go to market pulse on the right side of the screen when you are viewing the ASTX stock screen and click the 3rd title streetwise reports it will tell the truth and not what i say and not what weight or michael says it will say straight from JMPs mouth
      nervous energy wow really dude get a life i been in this stock for 2 years nervous energy was at 3 dollars

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    • first of all you pompass buthead if you look at when i originally got on yahoo doesnt even correlate good gosh you just dont quit .. for your info my daughter was sick last night and had nothing better to do then sit here and read your stupid comments.. whats wrong the financial institutions making you look like a MORON yea they are you just got a lucky break after the earnings in a profit selling event and thats all it was two of the largest firms still will not retract their market outperform seems BULLISH to me hope you cover your short position soon

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