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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 3, 2013 8:34 AM Flag

    Pavlov's Dog

    Conditioning played a role in the take down and it remains. They conditioned you to think that the calvary would arrive again. Once this is conditioned into you, hard to shake. Just go back and read the replies when she was coming down. You all were focused that the buying would step in again. This is how they can make $50M and you don't know what hit you. They use your human weakness against you. Yesterday was another example, it traded up, giving you that feeling that the calvary arrived again, then they slowly sucked the life back out.

    You had one opportunity to turn the table on them. Most of you blew it. Instead of waking up and listening as I explain that they were giving you a false sense of security, you wanted to bash me. Then to make yourselves feel better you have to put me down, by stating that I based a decision on what a board thinks. I didn't base my decision to short on what you thought, I based it on the ignorance that none of you can think for yourselves. The best part the pumpettes all played perfectly into the conditioning.

    There is a bright point to all this. Maybe one day you will find yourselves in a similar position watching a stock go up, seeing weakness and then strength and weakness and then strength and you will think about Pavlov's dog. Maybe next time you won't be the dog. Thank the pumpettes for their role.

    It's a doggy dog world and you're wearing milkbone underwear. It's a shame that the SEC never looks into these matters. It's also a shame how a handful of posters help them. I'm sure you all in denial reading this. But years from now, when you have time to reflect and salivate, it will sink in.

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    • wow you are #$%$ the only dog here is you thank gosh i have a real man ... you would make a good girl though you do have a big mouth and pretty lips ..... lol im done jackin with you i should have took someones advice before and stop following your stupid ridiculous posts with mine they are not worth a response anymore or my time .. you are going on IGNORE .. if the new posters and viewers believe you or even take a second look at your posts more power to them because the only way this stock even remotely looks bad is when you and only you and your alter egos post ..its funny its ridiculouse egotistical posters like you versus the multi billion dollar security companys like JMP and RBC hmmm which do you listen to i know which one im listening to and what stock i will continue to believe in and thats ASTEX PHARMACEUTICALS

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