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  • buginlove2 buginlove2 May 3, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    Will we see 5.5 next week?

    I hope so, cause I want in.

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    • Buckette closed hi/ers better get in now.

      • 1 Reply to oingabooga
      • Oingabooga is still better get out.

        This reminds me of a story. Several years ago, 3 explores are in Africa. They are capitured by a tribe. They are given a choice. Death or Oinabooga. Well the first two explores decide that anything is better than death, so they choose Oinabooga. Well the third explorer watches the pain that these two explores went through and he decided that death would be easier. So when it comes to his turn, he requests death. The drums stop, the head of the tribe rises up (think about that) and states Death by Oingabooga.

        Right now investors of astex are getting Oingabooga. At $6.90 I explained how you could miss Oingabooga. But a few pumpettes all told you that things are fine. Pumpettes will always point you in the wrong direction in the jungle. Investors are about to find out what's death by Oinabooga. I think you are screwed just like those three explores. (think about that and you will understand what Oingabooga is, not pretty, just use your imagination).

        I'm sure the stupid talk by the pumpettes goes away around the $5.25 area.

        Sentiment: Sell