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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 6, 2013 7:42 AM Flag


    It was nice to see this morning that the pumpettes decided to turn off their watch alarms and not have a clandestine meeting at 3:00am. On Friday astex could not hold positive ground in a strong market, so what will today hold? I'm sure we have a few investors with stops around the $5.50 area.

    I believe you are still conditioned to thing that weakness will be met with buying. That pattern that developed was conditioned into you. When you have time to reflect back on this, you will remember having those thoughts. They were reinforced by the pumpettes many times that weakness would be met with buying.

    Trading patterns that you start to view as positive are designed to do that. The other red flag was the article that showed that a investor was gambling the stock would not go under $6. How many times did pumpettes alert the board to that piece of info. It doesn't take much to keep investors holding their shares. Just a bag of ding dongs.

    It would be nice to see one single pumpette, apoligize to the board.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Since Jan 1 the stock as of Friday has doubled. From March 8th through the 21 the stock had a 15% decline similar to last week. Still not sure why you are here other than to state the obvious in an obnoxious manner "stocks dont go straight up" What an earthshaking discovery You are Mensa material. Do you really believe what is posted on a yahoo message board causes stocks to double. If you do your Mensa membership will be revoked. You closed out your short on an intraday spike only to watch the stock close down.. Way to stick with the courage of your convictions.

      You now have no financial interest here you've warned us all ad nausem and it is our own fault from now on. So please go away., In the history of investing no one has been able to pick the exact bottom or top of the stock market or individual stocks on a consistent basis/ Your alias" have proved that .

      There are people here who believe the ultimate direction is higher and dont want to trade in or out. You and Hate/free /Ky (also you) have no position Take your identity"s to another board and annoy them. Thanks

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      • Pumpette,

        When did I state this doubled because of messages on this board. Second what happen to your conviction, this is what you post a while back:

        "I have to decided to greatly reduce my position for now because the more I iook into it the likelihood of a generic coming before meaningful news on the pipeline or a milestone or new deal is too great..

        I wil buy it back when it is 30 -50 % cheaper, In the meantime get ready to take it up the shute"

        I guess the shute comment by you was a little premature. Another pumpette wanting me to go away.

        Sentiment: Sell