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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 6, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    April 13, 2013

    The 13 has to be unlucky number. This is from Dr. Reddy's update:

    Analysts at Morgan Stanley see a steady earnings momentum (compounded annual growth of 15 per cent during FY2013-15), stable global generic demand and modest valuation drive their ‘overweight’ rating. The company has 65 abbreviated new drug applications pending US Food and Drug Administration approval. Vidaza, Dacogen and a couple of niche opportunities are some of the pending approvals over the next few months, which should accelerate US growth.( if you want to read the whole article google "Dr. Reddy's dacogen")

    Interesting how MS concentrated on dacogen and vidaza out of the 65 abbreviated new drug applications pending. Does astex have any drug that isn't going through huge changes in the testing. I just looked at AT-7519 and it had to be combined with Bortememib to save it from DNR. It just seems that more and more of astex drugs need some help in the middle of the trial. But you all have this under control. It's not a good sign when they make changes to drugs in the middle of a trial. Maybe some of you should set your watches for the middle of the night and read through changes to your trials.

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    • You just hate to see something on the horizon and know that this is not welcome news, specially when pumpettes were telling you this could be delayed. The real delay will be the $9 target pumpettes spread on this board. I hope that the trading pattern you witness, that the next time you will turn the tables and protect wealth.

      I hope for investors sake that a rabbit gets pulled out of the hat on your investment. Because right now you do need some good news. I would just be careful listening to the pumpettes. It's your deision to buy,sell or hold. You have a board full of ding dongs. I'm not moving on, just moving to the side. Get out of the way and feel sometimes the best lessons, are the ones you learn the hardway. I'm suspect of RBC,JMP and THE STREET and your CEO and the pumpettes. It looks like this is not the first time that this stock has had an analyst putting a target with pending uncertainity on revenues.

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      • i Am only here for a second but bucket head you mean the generic for a drug that if you go to the fda website DACOGEN STILL DOES NOT EVEN SHOW ITS PATENT HAS EXPIRED
        ****There are no unexpired patents for this product in the Orange Book Database.*****
        the website does not even show it has expired who knows astex could be forcing the exclusivity of the drug and if they do the FDA has to give astex 90 days to confirm whatever the hell it is they need to do but the point is in the FDA research page for generic drugs astex can challenge any generic drug and postpone in it ... FACT IS NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON YOU ME OR BATZEM OR WEIGH OR EVEN KY AND FREE if we did we all would be rich and trust me when i say this bucket if you are rich i really feel sorry for you because you really dont have a life if all you have to do is sit here and bash a stock lol.. Now for your comments earlier in the past few days bucket you small man syndrome yes my daughter has cancer and yes im on here you said why arent i with her instead of here YOU ARE A MOOROON i am with her i have a laptop like duhhhhhhh and i never said she was dying at this moment i said she has cancer it is a long drawn out process but unlike YOU i think she is a fighter and a strong and vibrant person and will overcome this its not life threatening at the moment but what i said in my earlier post it would be nice to have a magic needle that will just stop it all and if you cant pray for a company to do that weather it be ASTEX or CELG or even merck medco for that fact then you are a sicker individual then i thought .... i hope everyone on here does well and good luck on this week i have a feeling it is going to turn around the RSI looks like its reversing from the low 20s and the stochastic was bottoming out also so you know what that means a complete reversal to the upside ... just how much though is the ?.... bye everyone

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    • A generic , really? you mean the patent expired on May2 , you mean the generic the company announced would come. you mean the generic that caused them to drop their 2013 guidance. You mean the generic everyone already knows about. WOW thanks for yesterdays news. Make it last years news. tr
      Are all their drugs in trouble even the ones they and their partners expanded the clinicals on .

      Move on dolt with an agenda.