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  • buysell1929 buysell1929 May 6, 2013 11:05 PM Flag

    Manuso's Holdings

    According to a Form 4 For 05/02/2013
    He exercised optiong on 38,000 shares at $4.03, sold 38,000 shares at $5.87 and has remaining shares of 6,400.
    IOW, he has only 6,400 shares of Astex stock.
    Footnote (16) to the DEF 14A is real interesting. Of the 9,218,393 shares (9%) that all directors and executive officers as a group are listed as owning 8,393,144 are shares issuable upon the exercise of stock options to purchase shares of common stock held by directors and executive officers which are exercisable at June 21, 2013. So the directors and executive officers collectively own less than 900,000 shares.
    Options on over 9,000.000 shares become exercisable on June 21, 2013.

    June 21st is a Friday which means the Form 4's will not be available until the week of June 24th. Looks like a hot summer.

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    • I see this as plain as day.
      I have said on this board long ago that the Good Doctor has not been an investor in this company nor does he care to be an investor in this company.
      What is occurring here is just what you see, the options are out there, and they are being exercised and quickly sold to help dampen the share price for anyone who is an investor.
      In your FACE stockholders, we don’t know for sure one hundred percent if we can clear phase lll successfully, so take the money and run.

    • There are 16M shares remaining to be exercized as of Dec31. Supergen still owes Montigen 6.8M shares and I wonder if that becomes a liability if they do spinout the antibiotic? As bucket pointed out a $14M bill is do in January.

      Why is that this CEO sells shares as fast he gets them? But he was very generous to his daughter, giving her 10 shares years ago.

      Does anyone see something positive here on the 8M on June 21. They would have to increase the registration of shares to meet this. What price do they exercize at?

      Dr.M sold these recent shares at $5.87. Pocketing $69K.

      Let's see if Batzem,jelly,mero,michael,max,way2hot,deserree,weight,think,lltinvest,rory can all post a logical seperate opinion on what this development could mean. We would all specially like to hear from way2hot, because that's one smart broad.

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      • well you get what ya wanted free and yea lol the one smart broad is a good put down ha ha ha ... for your info i have exited my position yesterday i just wish i would have done it $1 ago but i took my profits and ran.. i was hoping for the best looking for the good but no matter how much i looked couldnt find it dont get me wrong free i still think this is a very very very valuable stock and it is gona develop alot of money IN THE FUTURE but not now it was time to exit i was still over double my investment exiting yesterday.. i will get back in when the time is right and the entry is right but this is all about the making money .... it is funny that manuso didnt even wait to try to at least to put a press release out or something about the sg110 being abstracted with just a two weeks difference then before to raise the price for himself alittle bit.... the supergen money free i dont think is a issue honestly they have way to much money in the bank for that to be a issue.... And the antibiotic is partenered so theirs no money that will be a issue their if that ever comes to light that will be just pure revenue but i have been wrong before lol as i have been so pointed out ... i still wish everyone luck but im done im tired of the antics that goes on with this stock and this board...

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • He excercised 360000 shares on 04/01/2013. What happened to these shares ?

    • Interesting, I'm not worried about the CEO making 50% on the stock he sold but the 8M exercisable on June 21st is another story. I may think you are on to something. Thanks for the insight.

    • That should have been: Options on over 8,000.000 shares become exercisable on June 21, 2013.