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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu May 7, 2013 4:31 PM Flag

    10 or 12

    At todays price you can get 12 shares for every 10 you sold near the top. That's not bad. However I believe the bargain prices are not all factored in. At $5 a share you get 13.5 for every 10. I would actual like to see $4's a share. We lost rory id when he sold too low. We will lose jelly and batzem id's forever in the fours. Let's go for the trifecta. A multiple ID is a terrible thing to waste.

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    • Have you lucked in the mirror in the last few years or is it to painful. When you do you will see a proven liar , psuedo intellect . We all know it, go away no one likes you except for your imaginery friends

    • Not in the least. Had sold all my shares at an average price of $6.75. My target was $7 from 2 years ago, Mero had been e mailing me and I don't want to go back to this zany board with you all all your alias names. Keep your shares and hopefully you will find a shiny nickel in the end.

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      • i agree roryrae i just wish i was smart enough to get out when it was 6.75 but i have got to learn some how i know now what a trailing stop is i just learned it way way way to late if i would have been smart and saw the stochastic trailing stop was at 6.50 when it was at the top i would have set it ....

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