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  • desseree69 desseree69 May 8, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

    Just a thought....

    Hypothetically speaking.... what if Man8so is selling because the company is going to be bought and he will no longer be working there once it is bought. So he has to sell before that happens? OR it is being bought and with that ,he will have many more options with the sale? So who wouldn't sell then, if those were the reasons/?

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    • Desseree As buysell mentioned selling by insiders based on non public info is a crime pure and simple. One other explanation is they intend to exercise and hold other options for a year so they will be subject to reduced taxes. When you exercise options you have to pay for them and they may be intending to use the money they got from selling the options to exercise and hold future options

    • Desseree keep thinking through this, there is one possibility that might make sense. In the back of my mind, I have a view on why insiders are selling. After I decide to buy back shares, then maybe I will share it. You are not far away from maybe having a solid post here. I gave you a thumbs up, just keep working through what could be actual a reasonable reason why insiders are selling.

      Before the peanut gallery takes direct aim at this post of mine, they need to do some thinking for once. It's nice to see when I'm not driving the car and jelly and batzem and their numerous id's get behind the wheel, they have hit a curb, bounced off a retaining wall and are headed straight towards a cliff. I on the other hand got safely out of this and can buy a huge amount of shares, when I'm ready. It looks like buysell is just another one of those jelly/batzem ids that shows up and now thinks they know everything. Thinkabout is just a idiot and I get to watch the circus.

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      • You are a dolt and your last post proves it. Also if you think there are issues with S110 why would you ever by the stock back . I believe your own words were "S110 is the only reason to own the stock" Try to keep your lies straighter than your multiple identities.LMAOF

      • My thoughts went in that direction because years ago my husband at the time, was one of the vice presidents of his start up company that went much bigger when they too were bought out. I seem to remember that my husband at the time sold most of what he had for a couple of reasons, one being he wanted to protect what he did have and another that he knew he was getting a lot more stock options with the new company? Why not sell if you know your getting more? I just can't truthfully remember the reasons but I seem to remember that he sold most of them before the company was actually bought.? Who knows, I could be wrong?

    • There are two problems with that. Usually, when a company is sold the price paid includes a premium above the current share price so wiating would produce a bigger profit.
      More importantly, if Manuso traded based on inside information he would subject to both a civil and criminal actions by the SEC. They've been very active of late on insider trading cases.