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  • batzem batzem May 9, 2013 5:03 PM Flag

    Proud Pumper

    Bucket is not here to save your soul. He is an obvious shorter who is dumb enough to believe that message boards boards can move stocks
    He says he is concerned about S110 as getting only second line approval which would result in a 50 million drug according to him This is a joke. Dacogen is second line because the vast majority of doctors try Vidaza first because of it OS labeling Yet Dacogen sells hundreds of millions of dollars. That would be S110 even with only a second line label. This discounts the effect and value of on going and future studies. It also fails to take into account the use of S110 in solid tumors for which clinicals are ongoing and for its future use as a priming agent to treat many cancers. This drug alone makes Astex a possible buyout candidate. Take a good look at the Edison investment report which you can google it neatly lays out all the clinical read out times for Astex drugs and those of its partnered compound. There are many events in the next 18 months which could trigger milestones. Look at the updated absracts on S110 when they come out May 21.
    This stock has tripled in the last 12 months the fact that it retracing 20% from the top is no shock . Todays action with 2million shares and a 5% up move on a down day confirms what the bucket is full of.
    The fundamental story here remains good, the overall trend will be higher . Bucket will keep posting every time it dips until we kiss 6.90 goodbye in the rearview mirror. He's a dolt .

    PS This noise about insider saies is a distraction its a small fraction of total option holdings. And again it is illegal to sell if they knew there was bad news coming. One final thing the day after the conference call when they said S110 would initally receive second line labeling the stock went UP.
    The decline started the day the patent expired. This could all be one or two funds who took large profits and went home

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