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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu May 9, 2013 6:18 PM Flag


    It always starts the same way. Watch how this goes:

    These are recent posts:

    I don't get it. Why are you posting so much on the Astex message board?

    The news of SGI-110 going into a phase lll; that news alone will propel the stock to new heights
    . wow

    actually, the market is getting ahead of the SGI-110 news. in doing so all the technicals became way overbought, any third grader could have predicted a retrace. guess what,

    This stock has tripled in the last 12 months the fact that it retracing 20% from the top is no shock . Todays action with 2million shares and a 5% up move on a down day confirms what the bucket is full of.
    The fundamental story here remains good, the overall trend will be higher . Bucket

    Batzem and think and michael will for the weeks post the same message. Because when they get a brainfart, it somehow becomes contagious. How's it that none of these third graders posted that it was getting overvalued? Sorry boys you will have to try something else, because no ones buying it from your little party.

    Batzem,mero,think,max,jelly,rory, michael,jim are all the same id. It seems that bucket is getting in their way of caring out their pumps. But the rest of the board can pay attention to how these ids will echo the same message, from different angles. They are now saying that anyone could call the top, well except the three of them, that is.

    They are going to repeat the same theme.

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    • Batzem,

      We've been over this, with your maxipad id. I didn't sell any shares until it hit $6.65 and sold the last remaining shares at $6.90. It actually was a difficult decision.

      You and your id's like to play games, but you don't like them when they are used against you. I call them as I see them. It's ironic that I got out at the same point where rory originally got in, within a few pennies. I could be absolutely wrong and you could have the last laugh. But I took profits and with the amount of shares I had, it was a very good day. I have real concerns on generics and actually what sgi-100 will develope into.

      This is your third time to the barn on astex. I'm sure you don't like it and need to blame anyone but yourself. The remaining questions, does it hurt more today, then when you took the haircut on kva or was the arql loss more painful for you? It seems that you guess wrong too many times. Then as a consequence you lash out in desperation. You cannot upset me, I made a strong decision and pocket profits. At best guess, you maybe underwater at $5.50.

      I can sit back and evaluate this stock on it's merit. I have stated in the past, I'm always right. Looks like that has materialized again. Maybe one day you will get this right. Even a blind squirrel as you are, sometimes finds an accorn. I actually have a few positive things I could share with this board, but I put them in the vault with my profits. When I feel that this has got to a fair valuation and all negatives are factored in, I may buy it again. It seems you and rory and jelly and maxy and mero and think are all in the same boat. You never were too bright and theres nothing you can say that will upset me.

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      • Free You sold 35,000 shares in the 3's I could waste time and pull up your post but everyone who has been here for a while already knows its true. You werent right on your last silver call at 28 and change were you. ? You weren't right when you told everyone to get out of the market and buy toilet paper (three years ago) were you.? You may want to consider revising your CV I do agree with you the stock will drop when a generic comes but it has mostly been discounted and will rebound quickly. In the meantime your risk missing out on milestone payments , partnerships and clinical updates all of which could pop the stock.

        Really this multiple ID thing is getting old. Why dont you believe lots of people think you're a putz.. Because lots of people obviously do.

        Since you have no financial interest and your only purpose in being here is to annoy people why not leave and comeback when you get back in and bless us all with your pearls of wisdom. You might want to ad another id to hate/free/ky/deb how about DOLT.

    • And you will repeat your theme Anyone who disagrees with you is the same person How many hundreds of time have you posted that message? Im not so sure you can call the top all the time the last was in the low 3's when you said you sold 35000 share leading to 100,000 dollar bath Do you feel clean ? Now your allegedly totally out which will lead to a new bath .. Make sure to towel off in between or your skin will wrinkle. Simply pathetic.. ...

    • free, I'm not an alternate ID of any of the others. I used to post under eastcountybamboo but now post as myself. go back and look at my old posts and you will see that when someone was asking about buying it while the stock was in the mid-$6's, i posted that i thought it would retrace to around $5.70.
      I did make the third grader comment and I do have brainfarts, oh, and a doctorate degree.
      If anyone reads my posts, most are citations to documents written by others. I would just cut/paste the address but yahoo changed the rules some time ago
      I also admitted that I sold a small portion of my holdings when we hit $5, so with respect to me, you are way off.