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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 10, 2013 7:34 AM Flag

    They are proud to be Pumpettees

    These are the things that pumpettees want you to forget. First they want everyone now to think that the $130M in market capitalization missing, was to be expected. Forget that at $6.90 they were telling you you would see almost $200M in additional market capitalization on the way. Few weeks ago was that dacogen may not go generic, then they had to change their tune on the MS article.

    The biggest dunce now says that no one listens to a message board. I wonder why he's constantly pumping then? It seems that their ideas are the only ones that matter. They now want to explain away second line as being equal to dacogen. I wish they would consider all the facts before just making something up. Some doctors prefer dacogen over vidaza. Second when you get patients early, you get maybe 8 cycles of dacogen, maybe more. Under second line, those cycles are going to be maybe 2. They also didn't give you all the facts, only 10% of pts will see benefit, their is a bio marker and when they see that the drug is not doing what it's suppose to do, guess what. When some fail vidaza now they get dacogen, so will sgi-110 actually be third in line? They forget that sgi-110 is still 3 years away.

    This is what pumpettees do, they pick out a small piece and build into something grand. If someone has a more accurate feeling on the market price, they first put them down and next when it happens, then the pumpettees make it sound like that everyone had the same thoughts. Interesting how pumpettees are never wrong.

    They also are trying to explain away insider selling. That this is actually good news, because if they were selling knowing bad news, they would go to jail. However the world knows that dacogen is going generic,the world knows now that sgi-110 will not replace vidaza and dacogen. It's not their fault that the street gave it a $5.50 price tag.

    Sentiment: Sell