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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 11, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Next quarter update

    The next quarter update, will be the first of many showing that they are now burning through cash. Could we be looking at a company in two years, having to dilute to stay in business? Lee-011 listed 4 trials that were already suppose to be underway, somehow none of them have got underway. Could this be good news or bad news? Maybe azd is not trying to show their hand, in an attempt to acquire astex. Or maybe the drug has a problem and better safe to wait till they understand it. In biotech,s you never really know, until you get hit over the head.

    Short interest on astex has jumped 16% since the high share price. It looks like not only did pumpettees forget that any slow down in buying, gets met with speed up in shorting. Is a 25% fall in the share price, really a 25% tax? You are poorer by 25% in your trading accounts.

    I have written Dr. Reddy's to find out plans on vidaza and dacogen. Hopefully I will hear something by Monday. It will be interesting to see how Eisai addresses the generic valuation on Dacogen. This is when the rubber meets the road. Fridays trading looked unconvincing.

    I bet most of you missed the very first trades of the day. It was near 50k shares, trading down .14. Who sells 50k at .14 penalty? I will copy and paste these trades. Was this some new variation on giving the shareprice a false positive? I believe Monday will be a down day.

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    • More lies buckettSht. None of the LEE-011 four trials has started yet? Novartis "own website states the first trial is "on going" The government web site was last updated four months ago so its possible the other 3 are also started. Continued lies and distortions of the fact have exposed your dumpette agenda.

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      • I see I have to babysit batzem. The clinical trials list 5 trials, correct. The latest 4 have been up there for a while, you can view what dates they were submitted. However they have yet to enroll a single patient in the remaining 4 trials. The website was NOT last updated 4 months ago. This is a Clinical trial webpage and they UPDATE DAILY and changes to any trial. It just so happens that these 4 trials have not enrolled a first patient. I guess you under the impression they can update when they feel like it.

        I'm sure the FDA has some guidelines. Maybe you should read them before you post. But that would require a working knowledge of things.

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    • Wow, I write the IR department about the MS comment and all of sudden it's a felony. Interesting everything with the pumpettees is a crime. Well except them bragging that it was headed to $9. It also seems one of you is a bigot. BTW you can ask questions on clarity of the MS report.

      So we all understand the pumpettees. They claim the stock was up triple, they expected another 50% climb and are not shocked by $1.40 fall. Wow what can go wrong with such an astute group of investors.


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      • Buckethead, you wrote: I have written Dr. Reddy's to find out plans on vidaza and dacogen. Hopefully I will hear something by Monday.

        Do you expect them to tell you information that is material without first having made that info public somewhere else, because that is what you are appearing to ask. If so, that info would be "insider" and subject to SEC rule.

        If you are just asking for them to answer questions where the information has been already made public, then pull your head out and check my post regarding the Dr. Reddy's analyst, no generic dacogen sales expected until the last four months of 2014. That's next year. And I guess Dr. Reddy's would need to pass some inspection so they don't have another headache like they did with the FDA for the inconsistent/bad drugs they were making in Mexico.

    • Bucket, look at Dr. Reddy's, who by the way I mentioned before you. One of their main analysts breaks down their progress and potential sales on both Vidaza and Dacogen. They expect $0 in 2013 and only 4 months of sales in 2014.
      If you want to be believable, don't say things like "I got in touch with Dr. Reddy's" and that you actually expect a response which be market moving and in amazingly clear violation of SEC rules. you lose what little credibility you have when you make these statements. by the way, don't look up, the sky is falling

    • Buckettsht why are you trying to scare people.... got an agenda..... obviously.... Lets list your many half truths. The stocks down 20 % not 25. No shock after tripling in the last year. The short interest is up but only 10% higher than it was a year ago June .... 3 days to cover . A non event. Shorts are not any smarter than longs just more annoying ( look in the mirror} In two years S110 will be that much closer to market and could be partnered and the trials paid for by someone else , they could have recevied milestones. Or someone else could have bought them and or European royalties will have grown substantially . Predicting dilution is way premature and most likely untrue

      My favorite dolt boy is your writing to Dr. Reddy im sure they will answer you with confidential information .so they can spend time in American prison More likely you will receive. a Hindi message that translates Go F Yourself. No one not even the company is denying a generic is coming and when it comes the stock will momentarily react and recover because its already discounted.

      You didnt like the action Fri why cause it went up You must have hated it Thursday when it was up even more.

      Look you may be right the stock may tank into nothingness and everyone may be wiped out and I maybe right and the stock will be way more than 9 .. TIme will tell. In the meantime I will pumpette and you will dumpette., Nice weekend

    • Here are the first trades yesterday:

      09:30:35 $ 5.411 400 09:30:35 $ 5.411 300 09:30:35 $ 5.411 300 09:30:31 $ 5.455 300 09:30:16 $ 5.34 300 09:30:12 $ 5.45 200 09:30:12 $ 5.45 100 09:30:11 $ 5.38 100 09:30:11 $ 5.455 100 09:30:11 $ 5.445 100 09:30:11 $ 5.434 100 09:30:11 $ 5.45 200 09:30:11 $ 5.44 100 09:30:11 $ 5.45 100 09:30:11 $ 5.45 100 09:30:10 $ 5.45 200 09:30:10 $ 5.39 220 09:30:03 $ 5.44 100 09:30:02 $ 5.37 700 09:30:02 $ 5.34 300

      Just strange that someone would be willing to sell so many shares .at a steep discount at the opening. I see 3 pages of these trades. I'm sure anyone who owned the stock and was watching closely at the open, had to be a little alarmed.

      Pumpettees i'm a little disappointed by the lack of follow through on your $9 calls. It appears you only have confidence when the share price looks strong. No more 3am posts, by the teamsters. The posts that I insult your child's cancer have gone away. Now all your left with is a stock, that is facing generic competition and the hopes that a milestone could show up. Just imagine if you had actually used that thing on top of your heads for good, instead of nonsense.

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      • now bucket i been agreeing with you for awhile now ..shut the heck up with that bull kacka i have been agreeing with you that astex has more problems then what people are acknowledging but their is no need to keep bringing me in this i do not know any of these posters honestly hell even weight and batzm was putting down my posts so your comments are ridiculous now for the stock at hand i been learning alittle more about charts and if you can tell me with a straight typing (face) lol that the charts do not look good on astex then you have problems my friend the charts are showing a retracement the cci is ready to explode to the upside the support is moving higher and higher every day and its still above the 50 day moving average it has just pierced the 50 day the middle of last week for the first time in months heck the stock is like 2 dollars above the 200 day moving average now i am just learning but that looks like a UNBELIEVABLE CHART even the pivot point is at 6.16 other words I AM BUYING MY SHARES BACK MONDAY MORNING you can bet that

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      • You did notice on Level 2 that tjere was an 18K+ buy sitting at $5.50 didn't you. It appears there is an attempt to get the price to $5.50 until the May options expire the end of this week.