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  • batzem batzem May 13, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    Bucketsht Wherefore Art Thou

    Lets see you didnt like Fridays action you predicted the stock would close lower on Monday. So the stock is up 3.5% in a down market and closes at the high of the day. Did you like that better. Closer to 6 than the low 4's. Lets see who is right in the long run Hint ....It won't be you. By the way how did you friends at Dr Reddy's respond. Just make up something up your good at that,we cant see it anyway. Nice evening.

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    • Went long at $5.42. You have to realize that there are always opportunities each way. Will let you know when I decide to sell. You do know that all these were free shares. I feel that it will trade up to the $5.80 range, no higher.

      You still have a long ways till you can actually pretend that you are intelligent. But i'm sure you will forget how you missed this opportunity. Can i now help you pump this?

    • LOL....I've just ignored him, it's easier that time for made up stories and theories. he's still is up to his ole tricks I see?! Oh well.... Do what I do, and just ignore it....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy