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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 14, 2013 8:03 AM Flag


    When you can find the temporary bottom on a stock trending down. You have to understand that direction can twist and if you're sitting on the sidelines, you can take advantage of these situations, even if they are temporary. The freedoms you enjoy when you make the right call at the top. While pumpettees are stuck in a position.

    It seems pumpettees like to forget their misguidances and use any positive as a shallow victory on their part. They are always right, even though they were totally wrong. They blame it on bad luck or that the stock had tripled under their watch and that they knew a pull back was coming. They just were not in the mood to make a buck. Is that what we hear from the pumpettees. How can you be smart when you miss a $1.50 profit?

    The right call at the top, makes additional gambles free rides. It's always easier to play stocks, when you actually can think two steps ahead, instead of three behind.

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    • I think you last line should have read "its always easier to play stocks when you make imaginary trades at the end of the day. So yesterday you bought back the stock at 2 cent off the low of the day as it was dropping. Why was that, did you have some magical experience that portended the reversal to the up side ? or did you get some secret communique from Dr Reddy'. How come you didnt jump in at the absolute bottom last week of 5.16 ? and now you tell us you;ll be out at 5.80 what a bold call. Totally believable
      Look even if you were telling truth which you are obviously not you would be a day trader. The rest of pumpettes are in this for the long haul and have no interest in this. We have lost nothing only gained a lot of money
      You have no justifications for your trades therefore you are full of bucketsht

      Finished paying anymore attention to you because you not even a good liar. Boring . Nice day