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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 15, 2013 10:00 AM Flag


    Did you also see this coming? It looks like I called the top correctly twice now. Poster earlier today posted they will try and protect the $6 options. Why not the $5 ones? I believe there are better biotechs to park your money in. Let the street factor in all of generic news and buy this one again at $3.50 range.

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    • so you bought and sold a position in three days. don't you realize that most of us on this board are long term holders. glad you weren't around earlier in the year, you may have talked someone into selling while we were in the high $3's in March. If you want to post daytrading ideas, that's what the "market pulse" section is for. Either that or just state who and what you are. . . a daytrader.

      most of the choir you are preaching to here are people who have owned since the SUPG days and, regardless of your doom and gloom, are going to be around for the next two years to see if we win big or not.

      I found it ironic that during your sky is falling oratory, you came out with a short term long position.

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      • You are absolutely right!
        I have been here for quite some time and plan to remain here to see this through.
        I can only wonder how many people look back and say “ boy I should have held on to my (fill in the blank) Microsoft, Google, Apple, and so on.”
        Now I am quite aware that there is a risk here, but that is why you pay your money and take your chances. I would observe there are a lot of traders who would wish the stock to behave as it had so often in the past surging and dipping. Like musical chairs; as we have some new conditions here the shorts will find the short end this time around.

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      • 50 day moving average will hold. RSI will return. information will come out and ASTX will move higher.