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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 16, 2013 7:03 AM Flag

    SEC filing

    CEO cashing in on more options. At least he had to pay $4 for them and cash out at $5.83.

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    • Sorry ladies. I don't like the pumpettees. I'm not leaving till the true valuation is know on astex. I'm a bad guy for pointing out over valuation. I think this board needed balance, with so many pumpettees posting it was headed to $9-$15 a share.

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    • he didn't have to pay anything when he did the simultaneous exercise & sell. they would have expired next week DUMPETTE, you are a joke and I hope people new to this board aren't misled by your partial omission postings.
      you never have anything good to say, just pointing out things that could be perceived as negatives b/c you only tell half the story. why wouldn't anyone or any institution take a little profit after the recent run up. I did, you did, and we are both still here.
      the big run from the $3's to $7 is over. now we wait for the next run while we establish a new floor which I think is the 50 day moving average (around $5.34). If we drop below that, I think it will be a buying opportunity. Could be today. Chart says the 50 EMA should hold

    • Interesting on Institutional owner. Abingworth LLP sold 1,927.377 shares on or before March 31. Sold 43% of their position. Abingworth actual has representation on the Board of Astex, Tim Haines. So how come they sold such a large position in March?

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      • 2 Replies to bucketlist88
      • Well if you have sold why do you keep posting on the board? Are you sorry you had done so? If you sold it’s all over for you correct? Now out of the goodness of your heart, to protect the rest of us you keep following and posting here?
        Unless of course you have taken a short position; in that case you continue to worry about covering!
        Most of us longs who are not day traders are going to stick around to see this through to the end. We are betting that while people like your self will take money off the table and pay the short game in the end the longs (investors) will win out!

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