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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 17, 2013 8:26 AM Flag


    Abingworth sells 1,927,377 shares for around $4.25 a share. They have sat on the board of ASTEX for many years. The insiders all started selling shares around the same price. Abingworth missed the run to $6.90 on these 1.9M shares and so did insiders. We also have reported that a few institutions also backed up the truck in March and bought astex.

    The real question on new institutions buys, did they hang around till today? Did they sell at $6.90 and do they continue to unload today? I have to believe that insiders know more than a few institutions. Insiders are well aware of the elephant in the room, generic dacogen and how fast profits can turn into burn. Believe the $4's will come into play.

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    • Crying wolf again? You are working this board so hard, inventing news as you go.
      You must have shorted many shares since you appear to be in full panic mode as of late.
      I can tell you with certainty you will be covering those shorted shares with $7.00 shares before you can catch it!

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      • In actuality I just do not like the pumpettees. You made it personal, when i was absolutely correct on astex being overvalued. Now I will find all the stuff hinden on this stock and make sure that you cannot ripoff investors. I cannot panic, I have no position and I see no lifeline approaching. This will trade in the $4's real soon. I like the new price target $7....been there, done that. Just click your heels together three time dorthy.

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