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  • batzem batzem May 17, 2013 1:57 PM Flag

    Half truths

    Buckettsht aka free/hate /ky /deb would have you believe Abingworth selling out a loarge portion of thier position is some kind of death knell What he fails to provide is what really happened in the world of institutional shareholders as of March31. New positions increased by 7 mil shares. while existing positions selling out completely were 2.4 mil Overall increased positions were 16.7 mil shares while decreased positions were 6.2 mil Doesn't sound like a bail out to me. While Abingworth was substantially decreasing their holdings Goldman Sachs , Orbimed , Perceptive Advisors, were all buying more than a million shares each. Not exactly unsophisticated rubes who dont do due dillegence. Think they may be smater than buckettsht , I do.

    Go back and read the conference call transcript very carefully . The strategy fo going for second line "initially" is really quite smart. It will be easier to get it approved and it will be used by all MDS patients after they progress from Dacogen or Vidaza. Why cause there is no drug approved for second line.The stock didnt tank the day after this was announced the stock actually rose that day and cratered the next day. All normal as nothing goes straight up. But it continues to bounce off the lows a sign of strength

    Buckettsht claims there are no events near term to move the stock . Not true . Next week there will be updated abstracts on S110 showing durability of response and more in Sept time frame.

    Proud and Pumpette who is up big.

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