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  • maximus06906 maximus06906 May 20, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    UBS Conference Today

    Listened to the call. Was trying to listen and work at same time so did not hear anything earth shattering. One thing of interest. In the 2/12/13 slide deck from BIO conference they talked about a update of clinical data from MDS/AML PH2 data at ASCO in June and then clinical results from PH 2 AML/MDS trial at ASH in December. It now appears that they will present PH1 MDS response data update at EHA in June and first clinical results from PH 1 AML trial at ASH in December. What happened to the PH 2 MDS results? Did they present these at AACR. I don't believe so. Hmmmm.


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    • They got nothing. They are digging through material in hopes of keeping investors in this, so insiders can unload. In liver and ovarian cancers with sgi-110, they are only enrolling 15 patients. Good luck with that showing anything. That's like rounding up 15 pumpettees and asking them to take an IQ test and show positive results. No news till December, which at the same time a competitor will be updating their ph3 trial in secondary aml. I think it gets real interesting around the third quarter update, when they explain the $14M owed to Astex. Couple that with projects for 2014 on expenses.

      Will pumpettees hold til the $3's? Kicking and screaming , I would guess.

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