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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 22, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    How they hanging?

    Did you third graders see this coming? I told you exactly what they were up to. They were going to steal $300M in free money, as the pumpettees gave them free cover. Only $142M to go. This all started with the pumpettees noticing a buying pattern. Then the next thing you know you're down 1.50 a share. Next they will get another 1.50 haircut. Just imagine what happens with second quarter numbers. My guess, you will be lucky to hold $4.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • If you are so smart, why did you sell out of your short position yesterday? It broke the 50 dma today. Technicals have been bearish for a while. Bucket is riding the wave downhill. He has the momentum. Maybe I am him? LOL

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      • I looked at volume picking up and made a conservative decision. I make an error it cost me nothing, you on the other hand are stuck in this now. Of course if you were me, you wouldn't have that lump in the back of your throat.

        Where are all the other pumpettees? I see another excuse on why this traded south. Before it was any third grader could have made the call, today it's technicals. You know the time to explain it, is before it happens.

        Could be an ugly ride today, astex trades on the back of the market direction. That could be very uncomfortable today. This is what happens when you get all wrapped up in a stock that lack any fundamentals.

        Sentiment: Sell