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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu May 28, 2013 10:00 AM Flag


    Got in this one at $2.47. I like another biotech that has what I believe incrediable growth ahead. OPK. (this could be the next CELG).

    Todays volume on astex looks real sad. I notice how jelly and the other brainfarts all dwell on astex doing a triple. They fail to mention how each of them owned shares at greater than todays share price, so how they play it off like it tripled is a fabrication. Jelly has posted he originally bought in $50's. It just shows you the class that these longs have. Before they answer back and express how they averaged down, the missing piece there is any claim of having actually done it.

    Most of the longs that posted it was headed to $9, all were under water for years. Some of them bought way above the current price and several of them have seen a 75% pullback at least twice on this stock over the years. So to trust their opinions, is like holding your head under water and trying to breathe.

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    • Batzem,

      I took this on the chin so far. But they are in bed with GSK and they may buy DVAX out? I notice how you left out your 66% fall in ARQL and your 100% loss on KVA. Not too mention your 35% give back on astex.

      OPK is up .25 from where I bought it. I own more shares of OPK than I have in DVAX. So don't worry about me. You should be worried about your own mistakes, because you seem to make more of them, than anyone else here. How's that huge mistake of selling all you astex and then buying it back, now you're stuck with short term gains, well that was a gain at one time. Now you're maybe breakeven.

      I'm still the smartest man in the room selling astex for a $5.05 gain per share. I suppose if you point your finger my way, maybe, just maybe they will forget your unbelieveable mistakes.

    • From the MAN WHO S NEVER WRONG a stock which in less than two weeks is 30 % lower. Guess you are wrong. Twice in fact OPK is also lower You've been exposed as a fraud one more time.

    • Not sure why you like OPK? Already a high market cap, less revenue and more debt than ASTX. OPK has no earnings, personally I like ASTX at the current price better than OPK. Maybe you see something that is not obvious to me.

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      • Bobby,

        I haven't bought any OPK yet, but what I like about it, is that they just acquired one company and is in the middle of acquiring a second company. They have a drug that just hit the 50% accrual mark in Ph3. As for astex, I bought 10K shares at the close. I still feel it may be a little early to jump back in, but it should rebound on Monday. Unless there's more market jitters.

        Look deeper into OPK, you will find a lot to like. The CEO knows how to run companies and make money. I'm just waiting out the closing on the second company and will buy a large chunk.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • It's getting difficult to decide if Rory was the all time idiot here or jelly. You can make an argument for both of them. Jelly stated he's owned shares from the $50's and he's witnessed three times a huge decreases in the share price. Rory was a fool on so many occassions and missed the last run up after spending 10 years of his life posting daily here. Jelly has the record for spending almost 14 years here. Toss up.

      The best part I called this top again. I can load up at any time with many free shares. While the dolts have to wait this out. This week along I made a nice profit on my profits. I feel comfortable that astex will do what it always does, it falters. Uncertainity is the devil with Bio's and when you can measure that with certainity, you can make money. Interesting how much jelly sounds like rory, when he's upset.

      I have told you many times I'm always right. There was no way this stock was worth $642M in market cap. Now go play your games with jelly,batzem,weight,think,rory,deseerrree, 2hot,mickey,maxipad,towan,mero,silver,lltinvest and all the other idiots. Took you to school again and again.

    • Hmm, I need to hire a new accountant free. Are you available? You seem to be well qualified since you are so intimately acquainted with my financial transactions. (SARCASM)

      Wait! I can't use you. You are a liar. I would end up in jail if I used you.

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      • Gerbil boy you are always right . I think you only missed twice . Once when you advised everyone of the end of the world at Dow 7000 and missed one of the greatest runs of all times. and more recently when you got all your alternate ID's into silver at 28 00 another brilliant call. Surprised Deb hasn't congratulated you on those. Hope you saved some of that TP to shove down your throat. You are pathetically insecure.

      • Bucket Man, you have to get help. You have to understand that we are dealing with; a nut case obsessed with this one stock. Evidently he got burned in the past. Could be we have a teenager, who has mother issues, or could be some discontent sitting in a basement with time on his hands. Either way we have a first class nut case in “honey” bucket of ….

        Sentiment: Strong Buy