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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 28, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    Losing steam

    Not a good sign. It looks like we see lower highs and lower lows. This is headed to $5 again. Looks like we had another week go by and only one of the7 trials in LEE011 have started enrolling patients. This is very unusual that a large bio would set up a trial and then not move into it. Pumpettees stated over the weekend I was wrong on second line indication for sgi-110. Apparently they cannot listen or read what was in the fist quarter update. I believe sgi-110 works, but and that's a big but, it doesn't work also. This makes it difficult when survival is the gold standard. Any large trial, will have a huge number of patients who get no benefit. No benefit means no survival. If you have too many getting zero benefit, this weighs on the statistics.

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    • Well, Well, bucket of ....
      The tape painting does not appear to be working!

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    • It looks like we see lower highs and lower lows.
      Please put on your glasses when you try and read a chart. The high/low direction appears to be up for the last two days.
      5/23 High $5.28 Low $4.94
      5//24 High $5.45 Low $5.05
      5/27 High $5.55 Low $5.16

    • I think the company has been clear that if they see 10% demethylation, SGI-110 seems quite effective. The question is, how hard is it to find out if a potential patient can achieve this threshold?
      There isn't going to be a lot of news coming out anytime soon so you, me and anyone with a brain can see relative weakness until the third quarter. That said, we will see a run up in anticipation of the news later this year on Ph III.
      Day traders need to worry about milestone announcements causing a spike. We may retrace all the way down to $4.50 but I believe we will also retest $7 by the end of the year.