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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 May 29, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    My guess you finish today at

    $5.05. If you're lucky, that is. Low volume today invites the shorts for a late lunch, just like yesterday.

    Cannot babysit you today. But it's fun watching all the excuse makers working it. The thing I cannot understand, if so many pumpettees felt that a correction would happen, how come all the $9 calls by the same posters. Well pumpettees are no too bright as we can tell.

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    • Close enough. You're now down 26%. But that was expected by the pumpettees, remember. This is what happens to poor investors, they start to believe their own pumps. I have to say without a doubt, this board of pumpettees takes the cake.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Down 26% from what, the 52 week high? Who here was smart enough to know when this started running at sub $3 where it would top out? The bears started saying "sell, sell, sell" just after $6. So if you sold then, you have to recalculate your %. Quit acting like you can call the absolute top, then the next retracement, then the next top. You sold out of a short position last week at a share price higher than this. boo hoo, you left something on the table. oh, close enough.

        so tell me carnac, where is the bottom and then the next top?
        there are a handful of technical chart measuring sites that are usually pretty close.
        so the lowest this might go, unless there is a trial failure, is $4.50, then the charts say technically we change directions and start moving back up.
        You just got on a decline, and just like SUPG did after every spike, we give back a lot of the gain then start moving higher.

        I say we end the year above $6 and chances of $7 are pretty good if we get any positive Ph III data, milestones, lack of generic (did you hear the Q&A after the conf. call for Dr. Reddy's saying their biosimilar program is having delay issues, neither Dacogen, Vidaza or decitabine were mentioned by name if I recall, transcript on seeking alpha)?