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  • Yesterday and today JMP has been hosting meetings in the midwest for Institutional investors and Astex management . Could be patially responsible for todays action. Guess they havent been reading Bucketsht's post. Love the one where he said S110 works in some patients and not in others. Deep thinker no ? When a drug works in some when no other drug works its usually a very good thing. LMAO

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    • You do understand that patients that get no benefits will drag down statistically those that do. You keep dreaming. We're all laughing at the immaturity. See if you can hold onto a retracement today. Daytraders will be exiting around 3pm.

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      • The understanding that few patients will respond to this drug is part of the equation.

        When a baseball player succeeds on only 30% of his at bats he is considered among the best. He is expected to fail 70% of the time.

      • Like ASTX has said before, if a patient achieves 10% demethylation, then SGI-110 works great. I'm not a medical doctor so I don't know how long it takes to see if a patient achieves 10%, but if there is a way, then I'm sure they can focus on treating that segment of the patient population. Does anyone on the board know the process for determining a prospective patient's demethylation level?
        As buckethead says, the 10% population. I'll bet they consider that.

        As for the meetings with management, as SGI-110 ph II progresses, its time to start talking with suitors about having someone else pay for ph III. If that happens, we get a big chunk of money up front (over $50mil), lessen the burn to a range where we remain profitable off Dacogen as EU sales ramp up and offset any potential generic dilution, and see milestones at each juncture of the ph III.

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