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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jun 4, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    Another new low

    Let's see you're now down $2.19 a share. Here's what's ironic about the finish yesterday. The pumpettees claim astex was headed to $9. To reach their prediction, they would have needed $2.19 move in the stock. You see these guys are good, they called the exact move to the penny. The only problem they pointed in the wrong direction. Pumpettees get the math wrong, they add when they should subtract.

    I warned you about listening to these clowns. You only given back 31.6%. Not bad for amateurs. Let's look back at the crime scene. Pumpettees see a pattern forming in trading, they even mention it a few times. Next the pumpettees fall into the old trap, they start posting about continued appreciation. The article comes out about options and how an investor is confident the shar eprice will hold. More pumpettees fall for that.

    The best part, I warned this board how they will steal the valuation back. Pretty slick, I called this one perfect. Now the poor pumpettee is stymied. They have only insults and poor excuses. But when the bell rings at 4PM ET, they are left with the single question, why didn't I smell the roses. They would have realized they were fake.

    Sentiment: Sell