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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Jun 4, 2013 10:55 AM Flag


    Bought a bunch at $4.85. This was maybe not one of my smartest moves. The mojo that moved this stock is lost. There are plentity of shares available and fewer buyers willing to gamble here. It will take some kind of news and I'm not sure they have any to offer. If this starts to move lower, I plan on taking that small loss and wait.

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    • Slod @6.75 and 6.0 rebought @5.22,4.99 and yesterday @4.65 I am thinking there is support @ 4.6 as that is a 50% retracemant from the 6.95 top. I think there is bounce in the near future. Dont you think the companies that are in deals with astx . are accumilating shares at these lower levels. The Calvary is on their way. I hope they arrive soon Signed General Custer.

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    • Decision was made for me. I had a stop and it got triggered. GL, this maybe headed much lower.

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      • Batzem,

        I've pocketed Over $5 a share profit. Last week you crawled out from under a rock when the stock retraced and then had to crawl way under the rock for another large haircut. You're stuck holding short term gains and had to give back 31% of them. I don't think you should be throwing stones.

        Maybe you're just too stupid to realize it. Well maybe one day you can remove your head from your butt and learn to actually make a profit. You and rory and jelly have the worst track records. Then again you're the same fool. The only question that remains, are you tragically naive or terminally ignorant. I called the bottom and the top, you on the other have done neither. Only a moron would see it any other way.

        I love debating you batzem,rory,jelly. The best part you wanted to blame me for the stock falling to the $1.25 range and you wanted all the credit for it running to $6.90. Today you sit at $4.75. How's that KV-a and ARQL working out for you.

        You can slice this anyway you want. You're still down $2.15. I call that the batzem phenomenon. I also suspect at $4.75, you're maybe breakeven.

      • You have become a pretty good contrary indicator . Basically anyone who does the opposite of what you say makes money.. Guess this is one of the many reasons you're not always right. Or is it always wrong

      • I guess we'll see how smart you are. I sold a bunch of puts at the $4.5 strike. Stock was at 4.65. I'll be happy to own the stock at 4.5 minus my 20 cent premium.

      • calvary may have arrived do you think the comeback is short covering