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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jun 6, 2013 9:19 AM Flag


    I have to be careful with you. This group is so conditioned to hearing things that sound positive, that they are addicted. This stock is years away from additional revenues. They have a drug that the CEO stated is an easier copy than vidaza.

    I noticed not one positive thing was posted about Jefferies. This stock has lost value each and every week since the peak. It may have small retraces, but in the end they will pick your pocket. It's one thing to be positive a bio that's trading in the $2's, it's a whole different story when it trades near $7. You got that mixed up and today, you're down 33%.

    The worst offenders here, seem to have the biggest yaps. I guess they feel their mistakes hold immunity on these boards. I warned you about these pumpettees. Today maybe a good day for this investment, so I'm sure the same idiots will feel confident to post.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • It is too bad you don’t have faith in your own analysis. The last trade you talked about was on May 21st when you closed our your short position where you “Made $720 for a few days work.” That would imply that you think $240 per day is a lot of money. The PPS that day was around $5.50 and you bailed even though you continue to predicate the price would go down. You appear able to talk the talk but not able to walk the walk.

    • You said, "The worst offenders here, seem to have the biggest yaps." Strangely, the one who posts most often on this board is yourself. I guess that means you have the biggest yap. Every one knows the price of the stock, and every one is aware of the percentage decline. Your incessant reminders are unnecessary.

      Meanwhile, nearly everyone has stated that they are in this stock for the long haul, not for trading. It is well known that nothing will be approved until 2015 or later, so you have said nothing new here (again).

      Given the robust pipeline and multiple partnership agreements, there are many catalysts for the share price to move higher. My prediction for $8 plus stands, and I expect that we will see this price before October.

      The recent price action suggests we may have put in a bottom for this pullback. For several years, the $4 level was an insurmountable ceiling for the stock. It is logical for the pullback to take us near that level, and I for one am happy having the current price as a floor rather than a ceiling.

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      • Bravo, Jelly! Well said. No one knows what the stock price action will do with certainty.
        It is quite clear the Rabbit and the Hare story would apply here. As you say a new base has been established. We should do better that the $8.00 though I can see a $10.00 to $12.00 late next year as the pipeline matures. Long and proud of it!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If you goal is to be an obnoxious Idiot , congrats you have succeeded. Tell us who "they " is. You seem to indicate the stocks drop from the high is some kind of great conspiracy.. Its not , its people taking profits from a stock that tripled in a year and is consolidating. While the stock is a few years away from product revenues the stock will resume its rise way in advance of these revenues. Ever hear of buy on the rumor sell on the news dolt. We have a drug in development that gives strong indication that is better than either of the only two existing products for a fatal disease. Even a DOLT like you should be able to understand the correlation to a higher stock price. You may be able to have your fun for a few more weeks but eventually you will be miss the boat similar to your missing the boat in the intelligence department. You can continue to post half truths and lies probably to support a short position you have but you're only listener seems to be Free and you are probably the same person. Along with his other ID's.
      Im not sure how long it will take this stock to resume its upward momentum and blow thru seven and then 9 but it will get to double digits before your IQ
      This company is not a one trick pony and you as a horses #$%$ should keep that in mind.

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      • The pumpettees always post in tandem. We all know how good they are predicting price appreciation. It seems they should have figured out the floor before hurting so many investors with their posts at 3am and their claims of a $9 price coming. I don't recall either of these excellent investors stating that before $9, that you might see a floor around $4.60.

        Pumpettees always have a double excuse. The rants indicate that they made a mistake. It's a shame that they have the ability to misguide investors all the way down. It seems the one biggest hangup, is that I made the prediction in advance and they seem to be predicting the future value.

        Nice to see that the pumpettees never squander an opportunity to say they are right, just took a detour first. I wonder if they actually understand anything. They also don't like that I remind them, well apparently they are opposed to getting free shares, for paying attention.

        Sentiment: Sell