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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jun 10, 2013 8:25 PM Flag

    After hours

    Some selling after hours. Not a large amount, but they were willing to take .30 less for them. Maybe pumpettees should be prepared for tomorrow. Today they are all focused on upcoming events.

    I was wondering when pumpettees would start blaming their misfortunes on manipulation. I informed this board at $6.90 that it was manipulated to that value and you better watch out. But pumpettees always learn the hardway. Normally they spend their whole lifes blaming bad luck, manipulation,management.

    Well they got greedy and pig's get slaudered. I still believe you have some more value to give back. I stated you would see $300M in valuation disappear. That would take this to about $3.70 range. Only .87 to go.

    They stoled $2.35 a share and you helped them. Be careful of these pumpettees. They are not very bright.

    Sentiment: Sell