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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jun 12, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Pumpettees the stock needs your trumpettees

    Where art thou? I thought specially after reading this morning that one investor is betting the stock doesn't fall below $4.50. This is the kind of stuff that pumpettees eat up and not even a wink from the little guys. Maybe I have taught you something, I understand you cannot omitted it. But it's nice to see the pumpettees start thinking about the true picture. Or maybe all the pumpettees are asleep at the wheel.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • You are a funny fellow buckette. When someone comments on positive news you sneer and call them pumpers. When they let a non event pass by without mentioning it you wonder where they went. It looks like you have a need to abuse other people. You should get some help for that antisocial behavior.

      Nearly everyone here, including yourself has called $4.50 the bottom for this pullback, What is so special about someone selling puts with a $4.50 strike? It won't move the stock higher, it just shows that someone else has the same confidence we have.

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      • J1126.

        First of all, it was this board that was negative to me, when I stated it was way overvalue. It was this board who stated I insulted their child. it was this board that stated a third grader could have made the call. You were all A/holes and now you get it returned and you don't like it. Usually I would just pocket my profits and leave you all to figure things out yourself. I don't like idiots.

        This board has a bad habit of trying to shame someone into being quite. I believe I will leave once it hits the $300M in market cap lose I predicted. I will have proven to be 100% right instead of the 80% right I am right now. I think you should work on your social skills, before you pass judgement on others.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell