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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jun 14, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    Now was this really worth $6.90

    I kind of warned you. But pumpettees didn't want the truth. They wanted to be spooned fed claims of $9-$15 on the way.

    How did they measure a benefit of 28 days with sgi-110. Pumpettees need to look deeper and forget the headlines. One investor wants to compare apples with oranges and make a judgement from it on approval. I just don't believe it's wise to invest in a small opportunity, with 3 years remaining to get approval, but that's just me. I hate to throw more water on this latest pr, but 28 days benefit, well that could be just the placebo affect. Would any drug get approved with 28 day success.

    Good job pumpettees. Next news at ASH...December. I still feel it's better to own this in the $3's then pay a premium for shares. The risk reward is what you want to control. Listening to pumpettees has cost you 35%.

    Sentiment: Sell