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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jun 17, 2013 12:44 PM Flag


    Seems the games are starting already. Claims of 18% move. I actually bought some shares at $4.45 range. So go ahead and pump the heck out this. I will take profits and then watch the unraveling. Don't get confused with a bull market, that your stock is anything special. Take profits when you start to wintness the lower volumes that will follow.

    Be careful of ridiulous claims, some daytraders want to reap the only benefits here.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • If you really bought at $4.45 you did it last week when volume was falling. But that can't be because you sell when volume drops. So do you buy or sell when volume gets lower?

    • We know you dont care but your claim is totally not believable. So save out time and stop posting after the fact of when you buy and sell cause its all make believe. Just like your worthless analysis of this company You're a joke. Trying to impress everyone how smart you are just like Free (coincidence?) the proud owner of DVAX down 70% in a week. Guess its safer to post after the fact so you dont look like a big dufus again. Dolt you have earned your title.

    • Bucke, you're joking, right. You made a prediction of $4.25 last week. You never posted that you were buying until now.

    • u r full of #$%$ the stock has not been to 4.45 in 3 days you were warning of the pump and dump then all of a sudden you got in at 4.45 must make you fell good to win and hate to loose. but you are a loser so i am cutting off your stupid remarks not worth my time , btw i am a long holder sold out at 6.50 bought back in fri at 4.73 thought i made a mistake and was gonna sell to break even but i think i will hold awhile again joeyw1

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      • You think I'm lying? It really doesn't matter, does it? Look Joey posts way after the facts. I buy when I think the volume looks like it could go the other direction and I sell when I think it's drying up.

        I have never stated that I would not buy or sell aginst what I posted. I'll be nice enought to post when I dump. I think you need to regulate pumpettees, not me. I'm not the one that cost you 35% decline. I'm the one that tried to save you from that ordeal. Pumpettees have short attention spans.

        Just remember this move was because of a strong Dow move, it has nothing to do with anything provided by astex management. Don't get that mixed up again.

        Sentiment: Hold