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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Jun 18, 2013 10:04 AM Flag


    I posted that OPK would be a stock to watch. The stock has broken above $7 and insiders are buying it. Unlike astex insiders. So here's the challenge for the little rory's. Years ago batzem challenged me to KVA against SLW. His pick went broke, mine did a solid 200% gain. Let's see how ASTX and OPK perform.

    We will call team astex team Dreamer's and team OPK the Guru's. Even though I bought OPK much lower than todays price, I will use todays price $7.10 as my starting point and Astex $4.82 as it's starting point. It will be fun to monitor this over the next few year's. I wish everyone some luck here with astex, it was a steal at $2, but now you're in the territory that real news needs to materialize. I may regret selling astex one day, but right now, very happy with that decision.

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    • Dont worry about your mistake on Astex you'll make it up with DVAX LOL

    • Batzem,

      Apparently you don't want to look in the mirror. I gambled on DVAX and lost on a 2000 share gamble. You have given back over $2 on astex. You lost something like $5.50 on arql per share, even with me telling you I sold at $8. You lost 100% on KVa. The last dolt to give advice on a stock is you. As for OPK, the $2.5B in market cap scares you. Please CELG has $50B market cap and when I told investors to buy it at $37, you laughed. I made a bundle off it. I will make a bundle off of OPK. This ceo of OPK knows how to move a company. They picked up two solid companies recently. But like I stated to you when astex was $2 and you were that whiny little B, well I was vindicated. It must really get to you that i was able to walk away from astex with a very nice profit. You'll be lucky to recoup your loses on arql.

      Don't mess with the best. I can afford a hiccup on DVAX, btw that story is not over. Just averaged down on it to $1.43 a share. Might even buy more. I love how the same idiots that watched supg go from $7.85 to $1.25 think they were the smart ones. That they gave back 35% on astex just recently and that they are the smart ones. You got nothing batzem. You are just as stupid as RORY. But then again you're the same dolt. Just like Jelly,max,think,mero,lltinvest,joey,way2hot,deserree,silver. You fool no one with the games.

      Either I'm right or there are so many idiots on this board. I took supg from $3 to $7.85 and made a bundle and I ran astex from $1.89 to $6.92 and walk away the only long smart enough to know when it was time to step back. You on the other hand have been taken to the wood shed three times.

    • First off in honor if your touting DVAX last week at 2.47 now 1.07 I think you should change your name to Team DOLT . Lets see now OPK insider buys are all being done by their 80 year old chairman who is doing it to prop up the stock price against the 20% short interest. A market cap of 2.5 billion sales of around 50 million it all sounds like a dream scenario. Good Luck to you.