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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Jun 20, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Not too smart

    Again it looks like jelly,batzem, maxipad,think all holding again in a down day. It lloks like anyone that was smart enough to sell, is in the crosshairs of the sybils. The stock goes up, it's not because the stock market was going higher, the stock goes down and the sybils want to blame it on a down day in the markets. It just seems that the excuses are not consistant. BTW OPK holding it's own. Have to say that so far my challenge not looking too good for team wetdapants.

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    • Jelly,

      It sounds like your ego was bruised. This time only $2.40 a share. Over the years you have taken it on the chin many times. You would think by now you would get it right, just once. Interesting if OPK had tanked, you and think,batzenema nd maxipad would be pointing that out on my challenge. You cannot have it both ways. I posted that I believe OPK is the real deal and that astex, did exactly what I thought she would do.

      You're coming up on your 14th year aniversay on supergen. Had to be thrilling in those earlier days.

      I saw the potential and I told investors when to get out. You on the other hand tried to stroke the ego here with $9 predictions. Love screwing with you rory/jelly.

    • free, I didn't see anyone accept your stupid challenge. It looks like you are playing with yourself...

      once again

      oh well, at least when you play with yourself you are guaranteed a win. That should feed your attention starved ego.