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  • batzem batzem Jun 20, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    Fellow Pumpettes

    Bucket/Free has an agenda. The agenda is the a pathological need for recognition and attention. To meet these goals he keeps posting these ridiculous after the fact trades always pretending to buy at the high and sell at the low. My suggestion is not to respond to any more of their posts, that will be the thing that upsets them the most I for one will no longer trade insults with them or respond to any of their lies If we all take this approach they just might get frustrated enough to leave .I suggest the rest of you sign on to this pledge. There is no doubt that Bucket is just another one of the many alias" of Free /Hate Good luck to all longs up 150% this year and going higher.

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    • Trade insults? Have to lol at such child like posts. Almost like you have no involvement in investors losing $2.40 of the real gains. Pumpettees can post $9 on the way and that's truthful. It seems the only honest investors on this board is free and myself. Because of your need to post lies, we hang around and make sure investors get a true value of this stock. I post when I buy and when I sell.

      You got greedy and you got slaughtered. The thing you don't like is that you are reminded of your stupidity. Freetothink, you know these guys better than me, give me the dirt on them, please. Here;'s a freebie on why I bought a few days ago, LEE011 actually moved into a second trial on the drug. They still have 5 trials on hold. Unlike you stupid I do some research. I honestly cannot find a post where you do any. You lazy or just too stupid. Well you have to live with a 35% haircut. I like how pumpettees think we're trading insults. Must be something in their DNA that makes them hold onto the believe that they have a clue.

      Sign the stupid pledge.

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