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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Jun 21, 2013 4:45 PM Flag


    The early years on yahoo boards. You were married to NVDA. You seem to post about supg on that board. How you bought it originally in 1998 @ $20 a share. Posted march 26,2004. You seem to post 10 messages a day on NVDA.

    You were somewhat of a pumper of supgergen in those early days on other boards. Hopefully no one listen to you and followed your recommendation.

    March 18, 2004 you stated long supergen since 1998.

    Seems like you were waiting for something in Nov 2004 to be announced by the FDA.

    It looks like on supg board you bought more in 2007. Buying shares at $5.45 posted Apr 27, 2007

    Doesn't look like you only bought 200 shares like you claim. No wonder why you were pumping this going to $9, you need something like $10 to get even.

    Looks like you got quite with the Jelly Id from late 2004 to early 2007? Licking your wounds? It's interesting how you stated to this board , how long term investing is how you play astex. It seems that you are more stuck in this long term then you want to admit.

    How's was it growing up in Michigan? Here's the best part, you didn't know what MDS was in one post, but paid $20 a share for the stock. Brilliant.

    I will start linking some of these. Be very careful of jelly.