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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jul 4, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

    If he followed my advice

    If weightby followed my advice, he would own 175% of what he owns now. Of course he didn't follow it and now has to hope amgen will buy this out. What a bunch of morons talking about a buyout. Has anyone noticed the smell of BURN? Nothing stinks worse than a biotech burning through money. SGI-110 costing more to find an avenue to approval.

    No if you had followed my advice, you wouldn't need a $2.49 run to get back to where it ran. You should be saying to LATE to follow bucket's advice. That train has left the station. Warned you about this board, they will distort and pretend they have a clue.

    But we know better. Listening to a few of these poster, cost you lot's of money. They have no shame in their stupidity. None whatsoever. The same posters who were telling you at $6.92 it was headed to $15 are the same posters claiming buyout.

    We have to different forces working on this board. Those bagholders, praying that the price comes back and those few here that can wait for the right opportunity. Right after the beginning of the year, they have a huge payment to astex owners, then we still have a generic issue and 3 years for sgi-110 to maybe get approved. Yup, it's time to own this stock, specially if you're stuck with it. A little too late to listen to my advice. The time to listen was when it was trading at $6.90 range.

    I never see any of these pumpettees informing of what they gave back. How many shares were they holding when they were claiming $15 on the way. You gave back how much?

    Sentiment: Sell

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