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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jul 10, 2013 8:26 AM Flag

    Shoot the messenger

    It seems that the pumpettees have a habit of taking aim at the messenger. When I pointed out that shares of astex were way overvalued, pumpettees tried to discredit me. Yesterday, I pointed out how the PR on oral combination was over hyped by the company, by calling it potentiall best in class. With no approved oral decitabine, they can claim anything in this PR. Why did they PR it like this, maybe the CEO has some options he would like to unload and they just are not in positive territory.

    Just a simple reminder to the pumpettees, those of you claiming this was headed to $9. As of yesterday, your still down $21,600 for every 10k shares you own of astex. So it's understandable why you have to discredit me, this way, you don't have to face reality. I'm getting ready to short this. Earnings will be in the $10M loss range. Plentity of time to own this much cheaper. As for those knuckle heads that say I missed a buying opportunity, well I haven't missed a selling short one. You're still stuck with uncertainity and no approval for at least 3 years. Did anyone notice how lazy each of these pumpettees are, not one of them did any research on 727. It probably never occured to them that knowledge is useful. Well they were too busy telling you that they are temporarily fools.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • The reason folks are shooting at the messinger is that the messinger keeps repeating the same thing.

      It could be noted that you are missing $9K for every 10k shares you didn't buy on June 27th because you weren't buying at that price. If you had bought October options with a strike at $7 then you could have had a 200% to 300% by selling now when the stock is well below that price.

      But that's a could of/should of message like the one you insist on repeating over and over again.

      Now that you are getting ready to short ASTX (again) please annouce the short as soon as possible after you place it so we can marvel at your cunning and make money by following your trades. Until then please stop wasting bandwidth.