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  • thinkabout1120 thinkabout1120 Jul 11, 2013 10:08 AM Flag


    Well bucket will be switching ID’s soon if not already!
    It would seem his bucket has a hole in it!

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    • I don't know about changing IDs, but every time he tells us how much market cap we've "lost" the number gets smaller and smaller. I tried to tell him that most people here were not interested in short term trading, but he is much more interested in hind sight than he is in long term investing.

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      • Long term investing? How's that working out. The true picture is the same two posters here want to ignore the short term pictre completely. It's not hindsight if you call it before it happens. Just like I warned that generic in dacogen was easier accomplishment for Dr. Reddys. Well you got your little run up, now reality hits and just like I stated earnings will be impacted. Just like I predicted, burn is what will be on the minds of investors.

        Please share with us how many shares long term you're holding. I never once seen one single pumpettee admit how much they gave away. Smaller and should now be getting bigger and bigger. But that would have taken some brain power. Have a nice smaller and smaller day with your long term investment. Now clean yourself up and continue to hold another 10 years.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell