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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jul 15, 2013 8:36 AM Flag

    SHOCK and AWE

    When will the real impact of dacogen generic hits the books? Maybe in the 4th quarter? The true impact gets felt when the 30% in royalities never gets reached again. Expenses last quarter were $24M. Revenues at best maybe $15M this second quarter. I see a $9M loss. In January 2014 they have to pay $14M to astex former group. At the sametime that earnings may have a flat tire. Pumpettees want no discussions on earnings at this moment. WHY? Well for their manhood to be reattached, they need a shareprice in the mid $6's.

    Dacogen generic is ramping up. What would astex valuation look like if those earnings lose 75%? Here's the real question, will astex be able to keep costs under $24M per quarter with a new drug and some phase 3 expenses. The same posters who were telling you it was headed to $9, today are telling you they are up 30%. They forget that they still are down $16K. Be careful of this group, they are snakes.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You are a dolt and an accomplished liar. No shock , no awe. Generic Dacogen was fully discounted in the stock price. Thats why the price went up on the announcement Festus. No one owns a development stage bio tech for the earnings dunce ., They own it for the pipeline. In all your cash burn scenarios you continually fail to mention milestones and partnerships which will likely make up and surpass any burn. .I personally figure out what I made from the purchase price of a stock not a loss from its high.because i havent losr anything until I sell which will be higher then 6.90 Keep trying to twist it with market cap losses and your other dribble like additional clinical trials are a negative. No one believes your BS short agenda.probably not even you. But it is amusing. Post again when the stock is 2.75 that will be never.

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      • Generic hasn't been factored in. Why are you lying to investors? You're the one twisting the numbers. Are you down more than $16K? Let's do the math! Just becareful of this investor. I suppose you will make the same claim at $2.75, you haven't lost anything, since you haven't sold.

        Second quarter numbers are just the beginning to burn,baby burn. But don't fret, a milestone is on the way. Plus sgi-110 partnership for second line is going to bring in the big bucks. These pumpettees cannot keep their story straight, they need a miracle. But in the mean time, watch this trade back to the $3's.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell