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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jul 18, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Pumpettees starting it again

    The same fools that cost you a nice trade are again making bold claims. You never once see any of theym claim they are buying at these levels. Their response will be they bought all they needed at lower value. Okay, let's assume that's true, then how many shares do they own. If you're willing to state not to fear generics and it's priced in, then be noble enough to post how many shares you own.

    They will not do that, because then we can do the math on how much they lost or will lose in the future. But the same pumpettees who state today long term picture is rosy and ignore the burn rate that is just on the horizon. Bundle up this is going to catch a cold. None of these longs are looking forward to the second quarter numbers and especially looking forward to the Q&A. The CFO may have to give guidance to next year and impact of dacogen generic. Eisai may have to really show impact and on top of that Dr. Reddy's will want to put a nice forward looking picture on what they expect.

    Today one pumpette is claiming $1B market value. Well we all know what he's up to. The last time this got crushed the same posters were in the middle of telling you $9. Now they claim $10. A 90% jump and generics on the way. Well you bend over and take it like last time. It's only money and last time it only cost you $29K per 10K shares. That $29K could be working for you, instead of pretending you didn't lose it.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • If you're willing to state not to fear generics and it's priced in, then be noble enough to post how many shares you own.

      If you could read you would know how many shares I own and at what price. You remind me of the bear in the old Pogo comic strip -- he could write wonderful prose but could not read.

      I think it is time to put you on ignore.

      Bye, bye bucket.

    • Why do you lie buckette?

      I told you I sold naked puts at the 4.5 strike and got assigned. Those shares will be cLled away tomorrow. I have also sold the 5 strike twice. I am studying which ones I want to sell for August expiration. I am a buyer and I am making money.

    • The babbling nonsense of an obsessed manic depressive will not affect the stock price for very long.
      It wants and should want to go north not south. Sure traders will trade, but at the end of the day we are getting closer to a marketable compound.
      See Patsy Cline “Who’s Sorry Now”
      I recommend you find another “hobby horse” to rock, lots of message boards out there which need your help!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy