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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Jul 19, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    It was so easy last time

    To steal $300M, this time they want $400M. Pumpettees will fall for it again. Just ask yourself one question, why $13 valuation on something that is 3 years in the future of happening? Because fools like these investors are difficult to find. Only .13 on this news. Wow. This is headed lower. You know it. Earnings and discussions on dacogen will sink this. They will be broke before they get sgi-110 approved for second line indication. I like how this analyst pointed at mds. Apparently they understand as much as the pumpettees do about this investment.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You've already made a fool of yourself dont you know when to stop. If this isnt giving you satisfaction try banging your head against the wall. Know the song Bye Bye Blackbird try substituting Bucket for Blackbird fits beautiful.. Now all you fellow Pumpettes sing a long with me LMFAO

      PS Up 20 by the way.

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      • Fool, I'm not the one down over $1. It seems that you want me out of the way, so no one is warning about burn. I warned you about these pumpetteees. Burn is coming and they know it.

        They will lose a tremendous amount of money over the next few years and pumpettees fear that you know anything about this. Price was down 40% by the way.

        Just be careful here and be prepared to see it vanish. CEO states they will go after second line and this analyst states MDS and AML. I was exactly correct last time they ran it up. I will be right again. But sometimes you have to learn the hardway.

        This fell $3 because they are taking you for a ride. They can hide the deceit behind falling revenues. I figure that several of the posters here are paid by the same crooks that just stole $300M in capitalization.

        They will lose something like $10M this quarter and see a 70% drop in USA sales of dacogen. The 4Q will be so ugly and you will be trapped holding this. They would love to silence me, so they can take advantage this time. They maybe idiots last time, but they know that dacogen curse will come back to haunt them.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell