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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Jul 20, 2013 11:06 AM Flag


    Need to get his facts straight. My challenge on OPK and ASTX started when astex was trading at $4.85 and OPK was trading at $7.10. I made the challenge after my stock has already moved .80. But that okay, because I stated I would begin the challenge at the $7.10 point. I'm up .62 and ASTX is up .90. So in the short term I'm behind. But the last challenge we had, you got it handed to you. SLW went from $22 to $50 and KVA went from $8 to zero. This also reminds me of how I informed this board that I was getting of ARQL and you held that one from $8 to were it trades in the $2's today.

    Everyday you sound more and more like rory. Sad but true. Well you still have a large move to get to my lead over you on astex. I'm still the smartest man in the room. How's it sweating out the numbers that Bucket reminds us daily about. He made an excellent point how so many on this board would like to silence him. How about a little test. Max,jelly,rory,think,bucket,myself,buysell,abby play a game of cards. Many sites that allow for a private game, we all set up a id's that have are names in them and play cards.

    The best part when you and think and jelly were all whining about this investment, I was loaded up. I sold at the highs and you still need $2.50 move to see what I see. You will deny the math, but it's accurate.

    You keep your fingers crossed. I already pocketed what you hope is in the works. I can laugh everyday and all you can do is point at half your value coming back.. Good luck with the next quarters numbers. Should be out In late July. You have to be worried.

    If I held like you, I would be down $42K. Instead that money has worked for me. It seems you and Jelly always get it handed to you. This is the third time you're in the same position holding supergen in the face of uncertainty. How's that worked out the last two times. It seems that I warned you last time to be careful on vidaza data.

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    • Wow Ejohns a new ID. How many does that make batzem. Last count something like 15. You seem to get your facts mixed up on silver. I actually recommend it at $26 and it ran to $29. I understand that it wasn't the move it made from $18.60 to just under $50. But it went up. I see you want to forget about KVA and ARQL. Cannot blame you. How you find the 75% losers? I'm sure we will see hundreds of IDS making claims I'm Bucket. But I have a sure way to prove we're not. Take my test.

      My PSLV is going to have a good day. My OPK is doing nicely. It seems I'm the smartest man in the room if we both are in the same room. If I'm an idiot, what does that make the guy who lost 100% on KVA and 70% on arql. BTW i'm up almost 200% on SLW trades, I made a nice profit on slw and you are still stock holding shares of supergen that you paid $20 a share for them. Bottom line at best astx at $5.75, you're still under water.

      Have fun with the new ID that because he made a mess in his Johns. How about a little test on IDS.

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      • Wow psycho I have been a member since August 2011. Let's not change the subject because everyone on this board calls you out on your bs. So pathetic bucket you can do better than that. You can even go out of your way to track my IP address if you want because my and batzem probably don't even live in the same state! Oh and assuming that batzem, me and everybody on this board bought in at 6.95 without a doubt verifies you as bucket. Way to blow your already obvious cover AGAIN!!!!

    • Wow you sound just like bucket. What a psycho guess it's time to switch the id's up again.

    • Getting out of astex at 3.50 Recommending silver again at 28.35 now 18. Recommending Dvax at 250. now 1.25 You're not the only not the smartest guy in the room you're probably not the smartest guy when there are two or more people in any room. You are the most insecure guy in the room. ..And you;re not fooling anyone with your Bucket ID .Please bring back Deb I miss that ID.