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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Aug 12, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    Down 2.29%

    What's to like? What we do know is that they have about $23M in revenues total for the last two quarters and $47M in expenses. It also seems that not one pumpettee took at a stab at what was the revenues for EU that materialized this last quarter. Well I understand that this task is a difficult for a bagholder to calculate.

    Well here's the info. Dacogen sales in the first quarter was $63M. Let's see if a pumpettee can figure out what sales of dacogen in the EU were. You have all the pieces here. If you expect EU sales to cushion the generic blow, then I would believe that some pumpettee would do some math. This task is difficult for most of them, they still believe being down $1.80 a share from the highs is positive.

    As a reward for the pumpettee that comes closes to the EU sales, they get to remove their dunce cap for the week. The pumpettees that have been holding for 12 years or better, that dunce cap is welded on. You know what I mean. How much did they sell of dacogen in the EU. Sharpen those pencils, all you have to do is look up revenues in the second quarter, to figure this out. It's much lower than I thought it would be. Specially with 9 months ramp up. If you really want extra bonus points, compare it to all of last years revenues of EU dacogen, that figures is given in the annual report.

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