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  • joeyw1 joeyw1 Aug 12, 2013 3:12 PM Flag

    the bucket does not understand the score or how to play the game.

    seems to me i turned 5k into 35 k over the last few years with this little gem bouncing around like it does. i am very happy holding this company with my initial investment while i spend the other 30 k on living my retired life . at 68 i understand i make mistakes in when to hold and when to take profits and when to buy correctly. with all that said i still am long and still have faith that we will see a big jump over the next year. if not so what i wont live forever but my life has much improved since i met astx. so bucket stuff it ok. joeyw1

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    • Your post makes no sense. Show us the math on how you made $35K and still have shares with a $5k investment. The lowest the stock traded was $1.25. So if you invested $5K that's 4000 shares. 4000 shares at the high of $6.92 equals $27.680. Think we new some new pumpettees this group are idiots. I don't see where you allowed for taxes. I guess you was in such a hurry to impress us, you failed to actually do the math. We'll just call you super stock picker. Warned you about these pumpettees, they can't even get their story straight. Thanks I enjoyed the laugh. Be more careful next time.

      From reading your early posts you paid a much higher price than you claim, the dates don't add up either. Oh well there's always one crackpot in a group, but it seems this board has them all. They will make up what ever they think will fly.

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