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  • bucketlist88 bucketlist88 Aug 15, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Accountting 101

    What will the next 4 quarter look like?


    3Q $18M
    4Q $5M Project by company, we'll use $10M
    1Q $7M
    2Q $7M

    Total revenues $42M


    3Q $24M
    4Q $24M
    1Q $24M + $14M
    2Q $24M

    Expenses $110M

    Losses $68M Offset by any milestone they receive. They better partner something. Or kiss half the cash they have good-bye.

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    • when there new form of dacogon goes to market you have a potential in 1 billiion annual revenue. I think your equation does not involve that factor. The factor that losing cash while having revnue still coming in is far better than other biotech companies that can only dilute shares to cover trial expense.

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      • I understand that maximus is referring to the vast amount of noncash charges that astx carries each quarter. I actually had some room in here , because I was generous with what revenues.But let's say that over the course of the next year, they have $10M in non cash charges. Does that make you feel better? So they could lose actual cash of $58M. I didn't hear anyone object and state actual costs could rise above the current $24M per quarter they are running with now.

        The potential $1B in revenues, where tony get's that figure is not in the cards. Not for many years and we really don't know if sgi-110 has any where that potential. At least not for many years. Phase 3 take 3-4 years. Cost maybe $300M and CEO has stated they may only go after second line. Not anywhere near $200M in revenues. Dacogen has the ability for multiple cycles, second-line maybe 2 cycles.

        Well pumpettees want to cherry pick revenues and expenses. They want to ignore that this takes time and they are adding more trials of new IND, so expenses are going to rise significantly.

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    • C'mon Free. You know that there are non-cash items in that expense number. Are you trying to do a cash flow analysis or a expense analysis? You are trying to do both. Bad Free

    • You say sell. If you have sold (and are not in a short position) then why stick around on you rocking horse?
      You have nothing to do all day?
      Your mother should make you get out of the basement and go get a job.
      If you are short on this stock then say so. Now that would be accounting ---for all of your posts!

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