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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Aug 16, 2013 11:07 AM Flag


    It seems that my Silver call again is doing real well. PSLV ran from $7.37 to $9.20. OPK also doing real well. Here's the best part, the dolts who argued daily with me when astex was $2 are now the same dolts pretending they now see the light. Ironic how this works out. Daily think,rory,mero,batzem could understand this investment. Then it spikes to $6.90 range and the same clowns who couldn't understand it, now were so full of themselves. Best part all the clowns like jelly and batzem made claims the stock was headed to $9.

    Now we see the new ids that have to replace the idiot ones. Allied. Wow does this guy sound like rory. It's funny how all these id's now take turns sounding like rory and bring up the past. I made every great call on this stock and by the lloks of things, the sybils end up doing the same thing over and over. Never learning from their mistakes. The same ids that stated I lost thousands when the stock fell from $3.50 to $2.50, are the same id's that watched $3 fall through their hands. They now are the same id's that hold out for long term, they will recover what they just gave away. In the end, I was much smarter than the single id that uses 15 different ids.

    The best part, I have used these funds to get in stronger companies with a better long term picture and little uncertainty. All the rory clown ids can now hope for is a miracle. The same one they couldn't see at $2. Sybil needs 12 ids, because he's a moron. The biggest idiot cannot show his head on this board. Well I called the bottom the top twice and have turned around and actual made some decent moves on other stocks. All the sybils can do is post meaningless posts and daily plug in another id in support of it.

    Why aren't you using the weightbyou and silverold ids? We all want to hear if silver and jelly hooked up for a hotdog. Well it's too alte for you to buy PSLV and OPK, you P-eed those winnings away. You are the brightest of the dumbest investors.

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    • A man goes on a journey on an unexplored river.
      No one has a map; no one knows what is on the banks of the river.
      As the journey goes the man sees trees and vegetation as well as fish and rapids. My, my there are resources that can be used.
      Having been on this journey for some time, the weather changes as well as the river itself. In addition to that the man learns about the river and realizes that the river will lead to the mouth and the journey’s end.
      And so it is with SuperGen, now ASTX it is a journey, a changing journey. Hang on to your seat in the boat because the party is about to begin.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • At $2 you couldn't see the lazy river in front of you, but at $5 you are so confident you can shoot these rapids. I don't think you have learned anything in 13 years. It's a shame that you lost half your supplies on this trip. I guess at $7 you weren't even at breakeven, so you couldn't see what was around the bend. This is why you should listen to experienced investors. Well I tried to save you from SUPG,ARQL and BofA and astx. Through you a life line with OPK and PSLV.

        I got a feeling you may need search and rescue before you get to the mouth of this river. All you really had to say was that you were too stupid to get out at $6.92. That's what we're all thinking.