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  • ejohns21 ejohns21 Aug 23, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

    Bucket should have bought above the 50 MA like me!

    I am 10's of thousands bucket and it is only going to grow higher. Looks like not taking your advice is going to take me to a few extra vacations this year and a new car! What a loser you are. Anyone who listens to any of your BS is throwing their money away.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I believe over confidence cost investors a healthy trading opportunity a few times here. Granted I missed most of this rebound. But pumpettees seem to always get their facts wrong. I 'm already in the bank with all this run, the pumpettees are the ones that need another $1 appreciation to catch up to me. This doesn't take into account that I made some money on the way down and some on the way up.

      We seen how fast $300M in valuation can disappear and we've seen $200M come back. The tug of war is not over to EJ goes on a diet. I love how pumpettees have to inject material items into their posts, I can buy a car, go on vacations. Anyone that sold at $6.75 can do all those things also. Maybe pumpettees need a proof reader before they hit to "Post".

      Sentiment: Sell