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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Aug 26, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    OT OPK and PSLV

    Performing very nicely. My challenge on OPK vrs ASTX. Astx up $1 and OPK up $1.89.

    If you know how to google look at the 34 year chart on Silver. The mother of all cup and handles forming. It seems my recommendation at $19 was another good one. It's a little soft on the cup at $50, however, no asset on the planet is sold without the actual product, like paper silver. PSLV has performed as well as I expected. Maybe it would have been wiser to buy SLW, but I have my reasons.

    In the green with OPK and PSLV. Had I held ASTX would be down on valuation. So far a brilliant move. Both my stocks have well outperformed astx and I didn't have to ride this one out.

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    • batzem,

      You must still be steaming about your challenge on kva vrs slw. You rally got clobbered there. But I have good news for you. They finally found a cure for what ails you. No, not a Sybil drug, that is still years in the works. But a real drug is seeking approval for exactly what ails you. The name of the drug is Xiaflex.

      Bet this makes jelly very happy.

    • Your challenge is to be a normal person , not an egotistical schizophrenic punk. Congrats on your investing success , use the money to seek much needed help.